ZBrush Monster Modelling

Turntable clip of 3D Monster Model created in ZBrush

First, I started with a PolySphere and dragged it to shape the basic form of the model. I did this using the move brush and then converting the PolySphere into Dynamesh.

From PolySphere to draft 3d model

From PolySphere to draft 3d model
I then continued to shape the model and match it with the original concept with other brushes and tools like Clay, Inflat and standard brush.

Making new topology with ZRemesher tool

After finishing the details and wrinkles, I re-meshed the model with the new and wonderful tool in ZBrush 4R6 called the ZRemesher. The ZRemesher allowed me to create the proper topology and flow for the model.

I really enjoyed creating this model and will continue making more models and characters.

This 3D model was created using ZBrush software. I have only begun working with this program for a month. Creating and manipulating 3D models in this program is simple once I’ve learned the basics.

The Monster Concept Sketch