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Create unique & awesome explainer videos is never been easier with us. We simplify complex content and convey your message with short and concise videos!

How it works

Create Compelling Motion Graphics in 4 Steps

Step 1: Writing the script

Your video’s requirements are very important to define at the beginning e.i. the goals/objectives and the audience of your video.
This will help us deciding the style and tone of the writing and also defining the type of your video to be either:

  Promotional video

  Communicating information video

  Capturing the essence video

Step 2: Creating Draft Storyboard

The storyboard brings together the script and visuals, and helps conveying your message creatively. We start with brainstorming ideas and sketching draft designs that reflect your brand and match your video’s goals and objectives.
At this phase, the video style should well defined to be either one or a mix of: Animated 2D/3D, Live action , Screen-cast or Whiteboard style.

Step 3: Creating Final Storyboard

Taking the storyboard into design and apply branding colors and guidelines. All the visuals in the final storyboard will be used in the animation phase next.

Step 4: Animation

Your video is almost ready, we’ll use the final designs in the storyboard phase and adding other elements like Voice over, music, sound effects.
Using motion graphics videos is a powerful tool to translating your ideas and communicate your message to your audience quickly

Featured Work

Finning Competencies Course Introduction *

LittleFly Labs **

Sierra Wireless mangOH Red **

Sparkit video **

* Subcontract with ICOM Productions to create draft and final storyboard, motion graphics and deliver the final version.

** Subcontract with Artaban company to create draft and final storyboard, motion graphics and deliver the final version.

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